MAPC 2018

Go West: A Collaborative Turn

As artists working with printmaking media we are accustomed to collaboration, cooperation and community within our studios and in our processes. Do we continue to embody the pioneers, pathfinders and trailblazers and in those roles, how do we take responsibility for and acknowledge the voices of those who were exterminated or displaced? Are we continuing to create new identities and challenge our political and social realities, or do we seek to find homesteads or create utopian communities where we are removed from others? Where is a welcoming, diverse, and inclusive West in this process? How do we seek and establish cooperation and collaboration and can we be “rugged individuals” and also “good citizens”? How do we respond to cultural expectations as artists? How do we include the perspectives and experiences of diverse communities? What do we desire for the art we make and for the communities of artists that we create? Do we continue to “Go West”?

Travel to Laramie


Fly into Laramie (20min flight twice daily) via Denver International Airport. The Hilton Garden Inn offers free shuttles to and from Laramie Airport.


- Fly into Denver International Airport and drive to Laramie (2.5 – 3 hrs) 

- Fly into Denver and travel via Greenride ( ) shuttle to Laramie (service to Hilton Garden Inn) 

- The University of Wyoming Department of Art will offer limited shuttle service from Denver International Airport (DIA) to Laramie on Wed. October 3rd.  Shuttles will leave DIA at 10:30 (arriving Laramie 1:00 – 1:30), 12:30 (arriving Laramie 3:00 – 3:30) and 4:00 (arriving Laramie 6:30 -7:00).  Departing shuttles will be organized on Saturday 6th October and Sunday 7th October. Specific times for return shuttles will be organized based on flight schedules of participants. 

The cost for the University of Wyoming Dept. of Art & Art History sponsored round trip shuttle from DIA to Laramie / Laramie back to DIA is $75 payable on registration page.  For reservations and more information contact Peytin Brisch at  Include your name, cell phone, email, preferred shuttle on Wed. October 3rd and your flight departure day and time for your return home.