MAPC 2018

Go West: A Collaborative Turn

As artists working with printmaking media we are accustomed to collaboration, cooperation and community within our studios and in our processes. Do we continue to embody the pioneers, pathfinders and trailblazers and in those roles, how do we take responsibility for and acknowledge the voices of those who were exterminated or displaced? Are we continuing to create new identities and challenge our political and social realities, or do we seek to find homesteads or create utopian communities where we are removed from others? Where is a welcoming, diverse, and inclusive West in this process? How do we seek and establish cooperation and collaboration and can we be “rugged individuals” and also “good citizens”? How do we respond to cultural expectations as artists? How do we include the perspectives and experiences of diverse communities? What do we desire for the art we make and for the communities of artists that we create? Do we continue to “Go West”?

Transportation at the MAPC 2018 Conference

The Hilton is an easy walk to the Visual Art Building and UW Art Museum.

For individuals with personal vehicles, temporary parking permits will be on sale to cover Thursday and Friday parking in the University lots adjacent to the Visual Art Building.  All lots are open parking on Saturday and after 5pm on weekdays. Free parking is available on 22nd street and in the lot across the street to the south of Visual Art adjacent to the indoor athletic practice field.

University shuttles stop near the Visual Art Building, but not at the building.  If you choose not to take conference shuttles or stay out later than the provided shuttles, Dial-a-Ride and Safe Ride are both University of Wyoming sponsored options.  See the Transpark information at the websites below for more information: